A Word From Our Founder

Hi, and welcome to Opal Fitness. I founded Opal with the mission of helping hard-working humans achieve long term leanness, maximise functional performance and grow into becoming the best version of themselves.

I’ve been obsessed with health & fitness for over ten years. In this time I’ve worked on many goals from shredding for a photoshoot, competing in the British Indoor Rowing Championships, to simply getting as strong as possible.

Opal was founded as a new kind of supplement company – one that encourages our customer’s development.

Our first core value is knowledge. We are guided by science and always keep learning. We are interested in selling sports supplements that work, and not merely what is in demand.

Secondly, we value integrity. Today’s athletes are smarter and more discerning than ever. Opal is always working with that fact and not against it – we are transparent about our products, and realistic about the likely results and what we have achieved personally.

Thirdly, we care about real results. Ultimately your results are our success. We deliver on this with products that work, backed with open sharing of our knowledge and experiences to any of our customers, free of charge.

On that note, feel free to ask us anything training or diet related and we’ll share what we know. Hit us up on social or respond to any emails you’ve received from us.

To your gains!